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Kim's Life - As told by her father

Kim was born in Saudi Arabia on April 11, 1976. Her first plane ride was when she was only a couple of months old so we should have known then that it would be in her future to travel the world. Kim was not an easy baby – probably inherited too much of her Dad’s stubborn streak but when it was developed in the right direction by her Mom, it gave her a drive and will to succeed that far out shown either parent (at least her Dad’s). But I am getting ahead of myself. Little Kim was not easy, I have the distinction of walking from Saudi Arabia to Frankfort, Germany in the back of a 474 jumbo jet because if I tried to sit down and hold her, she cried (yelled) as she was probably only a year old. So – I held her and walked. She was happy, I was tired but the other passengers at least weren’t disturbed.

One of Kim's good friends from Holland, reading God's word, one of her favorite things to do.


A lot of great memories from those early years in Arabia and trying ones. Some of my favorites were of Kim singing this “This Little Light of Mine” when she was two, holding her finger up and blowing it out; and when she was just about three, running half-way down the stairs in our house shouting “Where is my house-boy, where is my house-boy, my room is a mess.” Yes, she really did that with hands on hips and wearing a cute little dress. (The houseboy was almost a substitute grandparent to her.) Kim loved to sing and had a memory that was unreal (at least to me). Tim was born one year before we left Arabia for Alaska and even thought it took some doing by their Mom, Kim and Tim were a close as brother and sister could be. As I said in Tim’s history, Kim talked for him for the first 18 months or so.

Anyway on to Alaska where in 1980 is was a great place to raise young children and there were a lot of them. One of my favorite stories: Kim used to walk to grammar school, but came home one morning telling her Mom that she couldn’t go to school. Why not asked Steph? Because - Kim stated that there was a moose in the path! And sure enough there was! Alaska was a great place but Kim never did understand why she couldn’t just run outside like in Arabia with just shorts and halter-top with no shoes. She never did get used to the cold and when older in college kept her water bed temperature about 90 degrees. We don’t have many pictures of just Kim in Alaska because all the pictures have both Tim and Kim in them. Halloween and Easter always had snow on the ground so we went Trick-or-Treating in costumes over show suits and hid Easter eggs inside the house.

On to Houston and the beginning of friendships that are still as strong today as they were in elementary and Jr. High. The short gang – Kristen, Ariana, Jessica, Catherine, Christy, Megan (others).


Pictured from top to bottom (left to right) Kristen, Ariana, Jessica, Megan, Catherine, and Kim


The stories are too numerous but if you ever meet one of them, you will know why. Kim had dyslexia (could not see words correctly and most time backwards.) Her determination and strength of character resulted in being elected to Student Counsel, graduating with honors, and being in the "Whose, Who" of high school seniors. It was during the beginning of her sophomore year that we decided to move back to Arabia. Kim refused to go to boarding school so we kept her in school in Houston keeping our house open for her (another story). When she first flew from Saudi Arabia back to Houston by herself (at 15) – her comment was “you won’t let me go to the mall by myself and now you are putting me on a plane to fly half-way around the world alone!!!! What’s wrong with this picture???” But it did build character (as if she needed any). Kim did take a six-week period during Senior High to attend school in Austria (she packed and moved by herself). After that experience, she always questioned why we didn’t make her go to boarding school as she had a really great time in Austria??? I couldn’t get her to go across the street if she didn’t want to! (But it is a good thing she didn’t want the moon as there would be at least a chunk missing.)

College at Texas Christian University– graduating in 1999 with honors and being selected as the “Senior Scholar” in the Speech Communication Dept. Her junior year is where she decided she needed to change her life style and she said, "Jesus, If you are real, please change my life!” He did and she did – all the energy of an over achiever was now focused for the Lord and with a great smile and no fear of witnessing for Jesus Christ – those around her in her sorority, classes, and here at home saw an amazing transformation.

She spent a semester in Australia during her senior college year, more stories of amazing times. She once took a many hours bus ride because she forgot that she had an airline ticket from Adelaide to Sydney. There have been many similar incidents in the Jones household. We don’t anything in a normal manner, but we have a lot of adventures. (Ask about the Angles)

She was a youth minister in The Netherlands (Spring, 1999) and it was here she decided to go to seminary as the kids knew more of the Bible than she did.

Summer of 1999 saw her as the R.O.C.K. (Rely On Christ the King) leader in Saudi and it is here that her one and only sermon was given. “Make your life count for eternity!” The video is available for you to see her talk, but beware – it could change your life also.

She was a wonderful daughter full of life and energy, a great sister who loved her brother above all others until she met Jesus. Powerful speaker, loyal friend, and continues to be a reflection of “The light that still shines”.

~Stan Jones~



In loving memory of Kim Jones, (April 11, 1976 - September 15, 1999)