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Greetings for 2009

            By Stephanie (italics by Stan)

Evidently corresponding is not one of our gifts, but we do so appreciate you – friends – your emails, letters, cards, phone calls, and want you to know we appreciate your keeping in touch. This is also for many of you who don’t have our latest information. So here’s our latest up-date. We left Arabia at the end of June 2005. I talked Stan into taking a job in Holland .One of my dreams has always been to live in Europe. Being the sweet husband he is, he agreed (like I had a choice???). So many details that I won’t go into, but honestly it was one of the best six months of my life. I loved it, but it was not fun for him. I got to travel and play all day and he got to walk two miles every morning and evening in the sleet, snow and ice, to catch a bus to go to work at a job that was too boring for him. I am so grateful to him for hanging in there as long as he did , but he came home and I stayed an extra couple of months speaking at conferences, enjoying visiting friends and the beautiful flowers! We have had our home in Houston ever since we left Arabia and really enjoy our subdivision and wonderful neighbors. Moving to Houston was a good decision and renewing old friendships has been fun and special.

The year 2008 was over-all a challenge, but there were also many blessings!

It began when Tim, while playing soccer, the last play of the game, severed his Achilles tendon. On the way to the emergency room we were real-ended! Oh well! It has been a long difficult road to recovery with an operation, many Dr.visits and casts, physical therapy and he is still working hard to regain normal usage. For someone who so enjoys sports and working out we are so proud of him for his determination to not give up!

Next, in February, for those of you have not heard, Stan had a stroke ( the stroke was minor, the side effects not so hot. Here Steph gets a little dramatic-duh-you think?) It has totally altered our lives, but has made us more determined to count our blessings and make the best of it. (Did you hear violin strings in the background?) Stan returned to work after a few weeks and is still working full-time at Weatherford. He enjoys the work and (this is where I get to say something). Staying in the oil world has been interesting.

I have had the opportunity to work as a volunteer teaching English (ESL). (Hum-m-m-m I thought Texican was a second language) at a program at our church. I’m also working with ‘MOMS’, Mothers of All Seasons. Both are such a pleasure! I have also had time to attend BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) a challenge in God’s Word and new friendships!

Other Highlights of 2008 (finally, they are actually Steph’s Highlights—I mainly work)

  - It was my (Steph) 61st birthday on 08/08/08. It was also the first day of the Olympics and I couldn’t resist giving a party. We celebrated with an Olympian Party with competition at various sports (games).  Tim was an incredible help. It wouldn’t have happened without him, and friends! Thanks! We had gold, silver and bronze metals and two ‘overall winners.’   Ann Harris (89 years young)won for the gals and Frank Terry(not certain how old Frank is but he doesn’t act it whatever it is),(that’s a compliment) !We stressed no athletic ability( but they did take some skill), but fun. We sang patriotic songs, while watching the real Olympics opening on TV. We prayed for unity and peace  for the world as we trust God is in control.

Stan and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary on a cruise through the Baltic. An amazing experience, but we found out that we really aren’t “cruise” folks. Maybe some day we will try again, but we will forgo the crowded and hurried excursions. We would have desired more opportunity to enjoy the culture, local food, and people of the countries we visited. Still grateful for the opportunity.

Stephanie held a Bible Study this summer in our (yes-our) home - “Calm My Anxious Heart”. She is grateful for those who participated and the blessings (there’s that word again) everyone received. If you haven’t read this book I highly recommend it!

Ariana’s and Catherine’s wedding. They were and still are Kim’s good friends that have remained faithful friends to us. It was so good to be with all the “girls” again! Another awesome blessing! Can’t help it …it is so true and I am so grateful!

While in New York at Catherine’s wedding, I was able to have dinner and spend a great evening with Michelle and Megan Kultgen. They are young/old friends from our Saudi days. Guess what….. another blessing!

ighlights also include several trips to get together with girlfriends! Go” Book Bags “ and “Glamour Girls” I’m ready….just set a time and place.

Steph missed one major occurrence that happened a couple of weeks ago---she fell on the stairs and cracked (minor) some of the lower vertebrae in her back.  Now she is more “crippled” than I am and I am getting more sympathy from my hip pain. Oh, also –our cat had cancer in one of her legs, so to save her life we had to have her leg amputated this past month. It has been tough, but she now seems to be adjusting. I call us ‘the hop along gang”.

Christmas was good considering everything. Stan’s sister came from North Carolina for a visit. We expected to give her a very relaxing time but she ended up taking me to Drs., an MRI,. Physical Therapy, etc!!! Thanks Darlene! Christmas day was lovely.  Todd and Nancy Steinke treated us to a fun day with a yummy dinner.

Tim is doing well with a combination of taking classes and job hunting. He has been a huge help to us this year. He also got engaged to a great gal with no definite plans as of yet. We keep taking it one day at a time and a lot of prayer.

Our Non-Profit organization, The Light Still Shines, is going well thanks to our good friend, Rhonda Smith.  This year we have distributed a couple hundred of the DVD’s, “Going Home.” God continues to use Kim’s love of Jesus to impact others for His glory. September, the 15th 2009 will have been ten years.

The economy has affected us as it has most.  Houston and Galveston are still trying to recover from the hurricane.  There is still much devastation, and continues to be a tragic time for many. Please remember them in your prayers.

Yeah, in closing, I have edited and tried to make this short! You should see the long version. (You are saying no thanks) I hope you feel a long version is better than no version. (We don’t need to know.)

We are committed to pray for our new President, his administration, and for our country!

 We miss our friends and Wish you all a Happy and Blessed New Year!

Sincerely, Stephanie and Stan


Our latest information is:

Contact phone:  toll free 1 (888) 411-1976

Email address: srjones76@yahoo.com



Stan Jones

I was born and raised in Tampa, Fla. a long, long, time ago!

My background is both in construction and metallurgy. One of my first jobs was working at Cape Kennedy building the Space Shuttle Landing strip when Steph and I were first married. We were married in 1973 (she may say 74, but it was 73).

We moved to Arabia in 1974 (and that is another story), where Kim was born in 1976. After that event Steph came back to the States to have Tim in 1979.

The desert was too hot, so in 1980 we moved to Alaska with British Petroleum to cool off and lived there until 1985 before we were transferred to Houston. Then back to Arabia in 1991. This trip to Saudi Arabia is the longest period of time we have ever lived in one place.

My hobbies: I still play racquetball but at a somewhat modified pace; I
enjoy the water, but try not to get too much sun (which is really easy to do
in Arabia). I still go to the gym to exercise on a somewhat irregular basis.
I have been known to play golf, but have given it up in Arabia because I
like grass and the course here is sand - really!! The fairways are oiled
marl and you hit off a piece of astro-turf that you carry around and the
greens are oiled sand. In the summer you have to tee off at 5:00 AM because
by 9:00 it is well over 100 and too hot to play!

Weather Report: No rain this year at all!!! This place really is a desert.
Usually we get a couple of inches by this time but nothing! Nights are still
cool (70's) but the days are getting hot (90's) and the 100's are just
around the corner. So much for Spring!

Reading: Kim gave me a devotional book titled "Men of Character". I keep it at work and when I'm in the office for lunch, I read a passage a day. Would recommend it to anyone. It has 90 different characters and topics discussed.

Thought for the day: (taken from Men of Character) "It is not what you go through, but how you go through it!" and a quote also from Men of Character by Martin Luther "I have held many things in my hands and have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God's hands, that I still posses."





Stephanie Jones
(According to her husband)

Stephanie's history to me starts in August, 1972 as that was when I met her and it didn't take me too long to know that this was one very special person and that I'd probably like to keep her around for a while. (That has now been 27 years as we were married in June of 1973.)

I am certain she had a life previous to my meeting her primarily because she grew up in Tampa, Florida and her brother and sister tell some very funny stories about her and times growing up. A range of stories from her Dad lassoing an alligator in their front yard, to Steph getting stuck up in a tree trying to prove she could climb just as well as her siblings (she couldn't), to tales of being thrown by horses (they owned a couple), and many funny tales. Steph to say the least was not a "tom-boy". She was (and still is) a very good student.

1998 Christmas in Saudi: Tim, Stephanie, Kim and Stan

When I met her (on a blind date), she was the loveliest person I had seen and if you ask me now, I'd still say the same thing. Anyway, We had been married about a year when the subject of moving to Saudi Arabia came up (and down). Once she knew I was somewhat serious, Steph began her process of praying about it, listing pros and cons, and as she says "putting out a fleece" to see what the Lord really wants! Considering neither of us had been out of Florida, moving to Arabia was not the everyday decision. She had some trouble with the money exchange rate and when she bought a fish for $40, we had a talk about not to trust the fish merchant! Wonderful times and many happy memories. Two of which were Kim being born in 1976 and Tim in 1979. Stephanie made the decision that the family was the foremost priority in her life and we were fortunate that she could stay home and be a "Mom". The results of this dedication can be seen in the lives of both Kim and Tim.

To move on - one of the primary themes that seems to run in our adventures is that every time Stephanie gets really happy living some where, we move!!! In Arabia (the first time) she had a great part time job, a houseboy who loved the kids, and great friends. So I suggested we move to Alaska! Again the "setting of fleece", prayer, and seeking God's will - but I had help - there were shopping malls in Alaska. We got so we all really loved the far north, but just when we moved to the "perfect home", British Petroleum (who I was working for) suggested we move to Houston. More of a - if you want to have a job - you move. So - we moved.

From 1986 to 1991, Houston proved to be a really great place to live. Stephanie found the friends and church home we were looking for at Champion Forest Baptist, the kids were happy in the schools - so I suggest we move back to Arabia. The rest is history.

Kim and Tim's vivacious personalities come directly from their Mom. There is nothing about Stephanie that I would change (except to get her to shorten her "to-do" list). She is first and foremost a Mom, an excellent teacher to all ages and now nationalities, and wonderful wife, and someone - if you haven't met - you need to do so! She loves the Lord and if you don't want to get involved with whatever project she has going on - it is best not to ask her if there is anything you can do!



Tim Jones
Tim's history according to his father! Tim was born in Tampa, Florida on June 30, 1979. (Kim was born in Saudi Arabia and one foreign birth was sufficient for Stephanie so Tim entered the world in Tampa.) Not to brag, but he was just about a perfect baby. Didn't cry much and would tell you when he wanted to go to bed or was hungry in a very polite manner. (Kim on the other hand was somewhat willful.) His first time in Arabia was short as we moved to Anchorage, Alaska when he was just one-year old. He and his sister (as Tim puts it) were like two peas in a pod. So much so that we didn't know he could talk until a doctor told Kim to stop talking for her brother and then he finally had to say something!

He says that he doesn't remember too much about Alaska because he was six-years old when we moved from Alaska to Texas. From the home movies, he apparently had a good time up in the far north and enjoyed the snow and sledding. As it is dark and cold most of the winter in Alaska, Steph would take him to the mall for him to run around and play ball. The malls were fairly empty during the week and the shop owners thought he was so cute! With the one exception of the time he decided to wander away while in the mall, he was no problem! His one great trick was sliding down the stairs on his stomach rather than walking down because it was faster! (He sort of reminded us of an otter with that stunt.)

On to Texas at age six and meeting with his still close friend Preston Pesek. We had a rather large home in Memorial NW with a pool and it seems that most of the time Tim and his friends were either in the water or somewhere roaming the neighborhood. He enjoyed most sports and excelled in soccer. So the family traveled most weekends to games. One of the great gifts that Tim has is his dedication to a team (now his fraternity) and friends. I have seen him go to a soccer game on crutches, and not be willing to just watch, but talked the coach and his Dad into letting him play, scored a goal and then after the game went back on crutches.

High school was a traumatic time. That's when we moved back to Saudi Arabia (1991) and Tim was required to go to boarding school during the 10th - 12th grade. His choice was Baylor in Chattanooga, Tenn., because they had a different season for soccer and football, it was co-ed, you could have a car when you were a Jr., and oh yes, they had a great educational program. It was not the best way "to spend a teenager's life" or so he told us but he made it through. Again sports were the saving grace. He was not the largest player on the team, but the only sophomore on the varsity and his nickname "the Hammer" gives an indication as to why. He's the only high school player to have played football with a broken nose and sprained ankle, shake off the pain, and give 100% for the team on both offense and defense as required.

For college he selected Texas Christian University (TCU) in Fort Worth, of course Kim was going to school there. They had an apartment together for a year and many funny stories about that arrangement. Kim's death was the worst incident in his life and he had to bare the brunt of the tragedy as Steph and I were in Saudi Arabia when it occurred. He has a courage of which we are very proud. The Lord has been working greatly in Tim's life. I have no doubt that when Tim finds his "place", the dedication he has shown in sports and in friendships will excel him to goals beyond even my expectations.