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Memories of Kim...

Wow, I remember soooo many things about Kim, I really don't know where to begin. I met Kim in 6th grade, and the next six or seven years of my life hold memories of which Kim is a part of almost every one. I remember going to Ponca City together during the summer, and eating all kinds of yummy food at my Grandma Foster's house, and going to Disneyworld and the beach with her family one summer. I remember laughing constantly and just cracking up and having the best time doing practically nothing, because we entertained ourselves. I remember when she lived with me, and my dad would make us "oats" for breakfast in the morning, and looking back, I think that was a really gross breakfast. The difference between my visit to TCU to visit her during her freshman year at college and her sophomore year is very vivid in my memory, because it was during that time that I noticed the biggest change in Kim. She had discovered what true happiness was, and went after it fearlessly. That is the biggest lesson that I have learned from Kim, and that is that she never seemed to be afraid. Whether it was living in a foreign country, traveling alone, or rededicating her life, Kim was up to the challenge. I pray everyday that I can be too.
~Kristen Parker~

My memories of Kim date back to high school. Ariana introduced me to all of her "Doerre Friends" our freshman year, and from that point on, we were all inseparable. I had never met a person who enjoyed life as much as Kim. She saw challenges as opportunities and she embraced and learned everything she could from her experiences. Kim never complained about anything and she always seemed laid back. Kim knew how to have fun. She knew how to make miserable tedious tasks fun and she always laughed. Sometimes when she Ariana, Kristen and Jessica would start talking, I would have no idea what they were saying because they talked so fast and cracked each other up. I remember Kim's scrapbooks. She always found a way to actually put the pictures in a scrapbook instead of in a drawer somewhere. She saved concert tickets, pictures, and notes from friends, taped conversations, and birthday cards--you name it, and she shared her memories with her friends. She loved to show her pictures and journals of her travels when she returned. Kim traveled to wonderful places and I always anticipated her return because I knew I would get to see pictures of places I have never seen and will probably never see. In college our visits became few and far between and we relied on the phone to stay in touch. Kim had seemed overly challenged her freshman year and looked for peace in everything, but had a very hard time finding it until she prayed one night and admitted that she needed the Lord's guidance. Once she made that decision, she threw her life into it and completely turned herself around. She became so excited and seemed so comfortable with her life. I had never seen her more at peace and that is how I remember Kim.
~Megan Madigan~

I have many memories of Kim going back to 6th grade when Kristen first met her. I remember one day Kristen came home after school and said "Momma!! I met the nicest, coolest girl today in school!" She was talking about Kim of course. From then on they were best friends. Kristen was an only child at that time and she said that Kim was like the sister she never had. I remember when I took Kim, Kristen and Elyse to Galveston when they were about 12. They found some old hats and scarves in an antique gift shop and were trying them on. I snapped a picture and it was so cute! When the Jonesesí moved to Saudi, Stephanie asked me to help with Kim in any way I could. Kim lived with us for a while and I remember hemming up many clothes for her -- she loved clothes and had lots of them! The girls were always borrowing from Kim. Kim was always ready for adventure. I remember when my husband Danny and I took her, Catherine, Ariana and Kristen parasailing. Kim landed in the water with the parasail on top of her! She was such a fun loving person- always smiling and her laugh was contagious! Kim loved visiting Ponca City, Okla., Kristen's and my hometown. She especially liked playing with my nieces and nephews. My sister remembers her son's comment (who was about 5 or 6 yrs old then), about Kim. He told his mom that when he talked to Kim she made him feel so special! Kim had a way of making everyone feel that way. I remember all of the time and effort that Kim took when she made a 16th birthday video for Kristen. She was so creative and interviewed lots of friends and family then gave the video to Kristen. It is such a special video to us now. About a year ago when she was in Houston for a short visit, I remember the funny story that Kim told about the mountain goats chasing her! She traveled so many places and loved showing pictures and telling stories of her travels. Mostly, I remember Kim's darling dimples and her fun and outgoing personality, and what a good friend she was to Kristen. She became so close to Jesus in her last three years. Her light really shone brighter than ever during this time. I have challenged myself to make this tragedy into something good -- to strive each day to develop the closeness with the Lord Jesus that she came to know.
~Rhonda Smith~

I remember Kim befriending me when I first moved to Doerre and I knew nobody. I remember how quickly we became best friends and the sleepovers we had at her house and mine. I remember our carpool inn Kimís motherís station wagon and we would always get so excited if we got to sit in the very back! I remember Kimís momís Beauty Control parties and how much we loved make-up. I also remember how we (Kim, Kristen, Ariana, and I) called ourselves ďThe SquareĒ and did everything together. I remember our tradition of decorating sweat suits for Christmas as well as our New Yearsí tradition to be together and bang pots and pans at midnight. I remember the New Years when we learned about our friend Jeremyís tragic death. I remember going with Kim to a summer Bible camp and how much we loved it and how it was really the first time I really learned about Jesus. I remember the day you called and said you found our friendship song, ďYou've Got a FriendĒ, by James Taylor. From childhood to adulthood, there are so many memories. On my wedding day I remember how proud I was to have you as one of my Bridesmaids and how much I cherish that time we spent together, but most of all I cherish the talk I had with you in )December of 98í about how you had found Christ and how truly happy you were. I also remember you coming over the next day and bringing over a childrenís Bible from when you and Tim were little for my little girls and I know now that was your way of telling my girls about Jesus. They now have a special relationship with Jesus and read that Bible daily.
~Christy Schurman (Davis)~

It almost seems diminutive attempting to bring my memories of Kim to life with mere words. Kim was loyal, fun, gregarious, faithful, approachable, kind and true. However, a description does not begin to epitomize the person she was, or the effect she had on others. She is irreplaceable. Her laugh alone could turn a classroom into a party. I was fortunate enough to have met Kim our freshman year at Klien High School, when her effervescent laughter commanded my attention in Drama class. I could tell Kim was well-liked, and looked content, approachable and fun. However, I had come from a different junior high, and having never met anyone in our class, I felt a little awkward that first day. To catapult my awkward status into the realm of extreme humiliation, I slid off of my seat into the classroom recycle bin while staring at the blackboard. As everyone was laughing at me, Kim was laughing with me. Her laugh was contagious - and when I started laughing too, her eyes filled up with tears, and we both started laughing so hard we were crying. I remember her laughter as contagious ever since. I believe it was the element of mutual-reflexive contagion in her laugh that led her to be well liked, and in turn, elected to various positions of influence while at Klein High. She is the kind of friend that made you feel as if you had spoken with her yesterday, even if it had been a year. Kim loved to travel and learn new things. She was the type of person who had wild goats chase her up the mountains in Switzerland, who backpacked across the Australian outback, and who led youth groups in Amsterdam. I know this because she never forgot to write. When she would return from her travels, sometimes years later, it would seem as if we hadnít skipped a beat Ė almost reverting back to high school days. I had the pleasure of spending some time with Kim and her mother last summer right after they had returned from a hiking adventure in Italy. I will always be thankful for those few hours we spent catching up, and I will always remember the way both of them together exuded so much happiness and zest, that one would have to actively try if he or she did not want to have a good time while in their company. She is thoughtful. No matter where Kim was physically, we always knew that her thoughts were on others. While spending some time with Kim and her family last Thanksgiving, I had mentioned to her in passing, that my sister, Liz, was unhappy with college life. While I had forgotten about the conversation, Kim had made a mental note, and later, had written Liz a letter of encouragement, that truly lifted her spirits, and gave her some new found hope. Liz and I agreed that her letter was way above and beyond the call of duty, considering what Kim endured from a more than frustrated Liz in high school: phone hang-ups, lemon and onion tosses Ė aimed at Kimís head, lock outs - and lock-ins, not to mention repeated verbal abuse. Kim really had to be a true friend after that! She is faithful. Not only was Kim Jones a faithful friend, daughter and sister, but also she was faithful in the way she religiously pursued love, joy and peace. I am comforted by her desire to achieve tranquility - as if an omnipresent blanket of serenity were transforming my feelings of sorrow as I write, cathartically into imperturbable hope. After hearing the peaceful messages from Kimís family, I found solace in the way the Jones family has been able to allow their feelings to transcend the earthly sadness of losing someone as irreplaceable as Kim, and constructively project them on to something greater. Kimís unique homiletic talent and her passion for work in the church lives on, as her influence is manifested by the number of lives she touched during her brief time on earth.
~Catherine Ives~

In July of 1997 I landed in Sydney, Australia, to live out my dream for nearly six months. I was a day later getting in than I should have been, but so was Kim. Her taxi pulled up to our group's place of lodging in Sydney just after mine. We found a nice "bloke" who showed us to our rooms and gave us a bus pass to get around Sydney. Since our group had already left, we were left to fend for ourselves. After taking a couple wrong buses, we finally reached the central area of Sydney. We wandered around the city together and tried to see the sites. In the midst of our conversation, I mentioned something about hoping there would be a church nearby our home and college in Adelaide. Immediately her eyes lit up and that beautiful Kim smile shone across her face. She turned and asked me, "Are you a Christian too?!" That question drew us even closer since God was now at the center of our friendship. During our months in Australia we were fortunate to spend a lot of time together making memories and meeting new friends. Nearly every Sunday we would try a new church and on Sunday nights we would go to a worship service. Kim was so good about always inviting someone new to share in experiencing God. Then in September our group headed to Australia's center and after which, Kim, James, Teresa, and I went up north together to explore Darwin and some national parks. We made a lot of great memories like finding shooting stars, nearly getting caught in a downpour and trapping our rental car in soggy sand, swimming in water holes with flowing waterfalls, and me falling and cutting my knee very deeply just to name a few. When it came time to say goodbye we all wrote each other a little something to remember each other by, but this was not the end of Kim's writing. She wrote faithfully to me well after that. In fact, the last thing I got from her was a postcard of Ireland where she talked about how God had called her to seminary back in Texas and that she would be starting in a couple weeks. It breaks my heart every time I am reminded that she is no longer here. I will never get another inspirational letter from here nor see her again just as I was not able to share my wedding day with her. Certain songs make me burst into tears and I often wonder if it will ever stop hurting. I just thank God for the lives she has changed and for blessing me with the opportunity to know her even though it was only for a short time. I pray that I will be able to help keep her dream going by bringing others to Christ. All she ever wanted to do was tell people about God and His great love for them. I pray that I can have an impact on others if only half as much as she did, for it would be a great impact indeed.
~Natalie Jacoby (Heins)~

My husband, Trey, and I have been members of Wedgwood for 6 years and have worked with the college ministry most of that time. When Kim came to know the Lord, I remember her sharing her testimony in church during a college student-led service. Being a new Christian, she had all this energy and enthusiasm. I remember thinking, "I wonder how long that will last." I can honestly say it lasted the rest of her days. She never lost it. May we all remember He is our First Love, and never lose that excitement either.
~Laurie Dewey~

We still have you in our memories and minds...we'll ALWAYS love and miss ya and are SO thankful that you were a BIG part of Christy's life as well as Little Paige's. Every time I enter their living room I still see the picture of Kim and Little Paige on Christy & Joey's coffee table. An AWESOME person who will NEVER be forgotten!!!
~John and Debbie Davis~

When Kim was here in the Netherlands she made a big difference in my life! I saw God through her, and I am really serious. She had something NOBODY else had! I miss her a lot, but I know God wanted her to go Home, to be with Him- and that was what she wanted so badly! I can't wait to go Home, to be with Him and to be with Kim! I am thankful that I was able to get to know her, and that she was part of my life. Thank you for setting up this site, I go here like everyday and every time I stand amazed of her life!!!
~Rebecca Moorlag~

I remember all of the great pool parties at Kimís house, especially the balloon tosses on the driveway. I remember how Kim always had the coolest room ó we would spend hours playing with her Barbies. I will never forget her fantastic smile and adorable giggle. My mom remembered how Kim would always run down the driveway with a little jump when she would drop me off for a sleepover, I remember how much he adored Madonna at one time, and how she was always singing and dancing around. I remember her enthusiasm and love of life. I remember how much she loved her family.
~Paige Whitlock~

I remember how she always had the best sleepovers, and we used to stay up all night except Laura who got toothpasted as a consequence. I remember how she beat me in fifth grade for Vice President. I was mad for about a month, but then it was cool. I remember when Scot Brewer came back, and Kim nabbed him right n front of all of us! I remember the Beauty Control and Mary Kay parties at the kitchen table at Kimís house, I remember how everyone loved her long smooth hair and big smile and dimples. I remember how great of a voice she had. I remember how she used to eat mayonnaise sandwiches.
~Christina Grijalva~

There are so many memories I have of Kim... sleepovers for sure. I remember sleeping in the waterbed in her guest room, and their awesome pool, and how her mom threw us all a Mary Kay party when we went into the 6th grade, and we all bought the same exact makeup! I remember Girl Scout Camp and her red sweatpants. I remember how I was her understudy for the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. I remember when she broke her leg when she fell in the outside classroom! I remember us going to church amp with Paige and Jenny D. And I mostly remember how she was just a wonderful little girl who was always smiling and always sweet.
~Johanna Merrill~

Kim was one of the first people I met when my family moved to Texas, and her warm friendliness helped me reel incredibly welcome. Kim definitely had the best sleepover parties, and the best backyard. What I remember the most about Kim is that my cat Puffball liked living at Kimís house more than she liked my house, and started spending most of her time with Kim. My mom even tried keeping Puffball inside, but she always made it back across the street. At the time, I thought it was because Kim fed Puffball canned cat [food, rather than the Wal-Mart stuff my dad bought, and at Kimís house, there wasnít an army of little girls who liked to yank the poor catís tail. Eventually, I came to realize that Puffball wanting to live with Kim, rather than my family, was because Kim radiated warmth and love, and made wherever place she was a welcoming home.
~Teri Lippincott~

Christ's Glory Revealed in Kim Kim, I miss you. I watched you grow: Growth is Godís work. Watching you was like watching God; standing back and beholding His glory. Godís love expressed in exploding molecular biology, life unbounded, unfettered. Leader of Godís army, charging into spiritual battle, conquering and to conquer. Frontline heroine of the faith. So special and so precious. So young, so brave! Kim, I miss your eagerness. >From the Netherlands to NeverNever Land, you never grew up and never gave up. Your enthusiasm was so contagious that Godís Spirit was breathed into all of us. You inspired us to believe in something better, to hope for something new. Your devotion, your commitment, and your energy made us stop and think. Sometimes I wanted to calm you down. Sometimes I wanted to share you with the world. Sometimes tears come to my eyes. Kim, I miss your hope. Your future stood radiant before you, arms outstretched, wide with wild promise, Beckoning you forward, hailing the fresh mountain wind, achievement unlimited, Turning your eyes toward heaven and heights unimagined by past perspectives. You taught us that the future is good and greatly to be desired. Tomorrow will dissolve todayís difficulties and dry our tears. Physically you were short, but spiritually a giant for us. Kim, I miss your light. Kim, you are the light. You are the light of the world. You are my light. You are a city set on a hill that cannot be hid. Godís message and His messenger. I opened a crack in the door of my heart, and a flood of your light burst in. Your light keeps me from stumbling and comforts my tears. Kim, I miss your joy. Joyful in hope, you always prayed with joy. You loved with joy. You shared with joy. You cared with joy. You dared with joy. You flared with joy. You radiated pure joy. You are Godís joy. I remember you with joy Öand tears. Kim I miss your beauty. Like light breaking across the horizon on a spring morning: life in the air. Delicate as dew on a rose petal, a friend, ready to listen, someone I could trust. Always ready to reach out across the chasm, the unbridgeable gap. Communication. The beauty of your energy was more than could be contained, bursting with promise. Your beauty sparkles like the colors of the rainbow in my tears. Kim, I miss you insight. God provided Jonahís vine, and he was comforted. God took away Jonahís vine, and he objected. He could not see the bigger picture. Why are you crying, Jonah? Why the tears? Cut short. Right to the quick. Gone. Eternity now. Peace. Why? The thought creeps in. Kim, why? Godís ways are not my ways. Godís thoughts are not my thoughts. As the heaven in higher than the earth, so are Godís thoughts higher than my thoughts. Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable His judgements and His paths beyond tracing out! Who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been His counselor? Who has ever given to God that God should repay him? For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen. Kim, you are from Him and through Him and to Him. You are. You are from God: His gift to us. You are through God: His love in action. You have returned to God: His promise of peace and His glory forever. Christ in you, Kim. Christ in you, the hope of glory. To Him be the glory forever! Amen. Dhahran Protestant Fellowship.
~Arthur Gregory~

In Loving Memory of Kim Jones, April 11, 1976 - September 15, 1999