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The following letters were written by Kim's family a few months after  the Wedgwood tragedy of September 15, 1999. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

There was an event at Wedgwood Baptist Church that will forever affect our lives. Kim Jones was our daughter. She was our little girl and the pain of losing her so soon will never go away. However, we take comfort in knowing that she ran the good race, and she won.

God continues to lift up our family with His strength and wisdom. We rest in the knowledge that His ways are perfect and His grace is sufficient. We have been touched and encouraged by the outpouring of love and concern of people from around the world. Thank you.

This is a plea to not let Wedgwood be just another tragic event but an event that will begin to change the course of history. For this to happen we as God's people need get on our knees to pray for a changed in ourselves. Pray for His light to be so bright in us that others can't help but ask - "Who do you follow?" - JESUS. Our prayer is that Christian lives will be so filled with Him that they will overflow with His love and boldness. Lord we pray for a servant's heart to do your will to bring about changed in our homes, communities, nations, and world! Let Wedgwood be a wake-up call.

Will you pray this prayer that Kim prayed?

"Lord, will you help me to evaluate the ways I'm expending my energy. Please show me if I'm living a wise life. Please let it count for eternity."

Finally, find a friend or a group or church that will commit with you to pray for change and next year in September, 2000 share what God has done to bring glory to His name as a result of September 15, 1999. Thank you all again for your support and may His light shine down on and through you.

Kim's favorite verse was Isaiah 40:31, "but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint."

Let's get those wings flapping for his glory!

Let's not under estimate what God can do with a few willing hearts! My prayer is "Lord make me willing to be willing to be 100% for you." How about you?

Love in Him,
Stan, Stephanie, and Tim Jones

P. S. Please help us by making copies of this message to send either as an e-mail or letter to your friends.                          

 - Proverbs 3:5-6  "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths."



Dear Friends in Christ,

We are ordinary people with an extra-ordinary God. Our heart's desire is to help bring good from the tragedy at Wedgwood Baptist Church which took our daughter's life. We seek your support in development of a daily devotional.

Our Lord sovereignly designed a path for our daughter Kim that is a path which we as her earthly family would have never selected. His ways, however are so much higher than our ways. We rest in the knowledge that His ways are perfect and His grace sufficient.

Kim's devotion to God through Jesus Christ is now fulfilled; her joy, peace and happiness are unspeakably complete. Those of us remaining must continue to run the race set before us. Let us help one another to focus our eyes entirely upon Jesus as we finish our time on earth.

He has laid it upon our hearts to compile a devotional book to help us and others grow in our faith. The contents of this devotional will be a compilation of individual messages explaining how our lives have changed since September 15, 1999. If your life has been touched and changed and you feel led to share your experiences with others, please pray that He will give you the words to share with others for increasing their faith and encouraging them in their walk with Him.

The devotional would be titled "Touching Peoples Lives...The Light Still Shines." We shall pray over each and every letter received and include them in our personal family devotional. We shall then ask the Lord's guidance in selection of 365 messages to include in a devotional we hope to print in the spring.
God has bountifully graced us with the light of Jesus in people such as Kim. May His light continue to grow stronger in us, as we allow Him to do so, through our daily lives.

Will you share what He has shown you with others? The deadline for your written response is March 1, 2000.

Let's see how God's grace can use the tragic event at Wedgwood which we would have never chosen, to His own glory. We serve an Awesome God.

Love in Christ,
Stan, Stephanie, and Tim Jones

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